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Dewey County Conservation District

Board of Directors Regular Meeting

 306 S. Broadway, Taloga, OK 73667

 8:30 A.M.  July 3, 2024

1.    Call to order-regularly scheduled meeting in accordance with the Open Meeting Law, Title 25 O.S. Sections 301 and following as amended
2.    Discussion and possible action on swearing in Charles R. Hurt to office:  Oath of Office, Loyalty Oath, and Director Position description
3.   Discussion and possible action on Notice of Newly Elected Officers
4.   Discussion and possible action on revised minutes from May 1, 2024, regular meeting
5.   Discussion and possible action to approve minutes from June 5, 2024, regular meeting 
6.   Discussion and possible action on employee timesheets, payroll worksheets, and leave records for June 2024
7.   Discussion and possible action on payables, claims, and financial statement for the period ending June 30, 2024
       a)    LRP Public Meeting Publication Expenses
       b)    Multiple Site-Chemical Brush Control-Project # 6365(Barnitz 11& Quartermaster 20
       c)    Regular Salary Claim
       d)    Land Management for Taloga Fire Department fire training
       e)    Oklahoma State Cost Share Year 26 claim: Little Robe Ranch LLC
        f)    Land Management-Cedar Eradication supplies and stipend
8.   Discussion and possible action on timeframe for completing district audit 
9.  Discussion and possible action to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement between
     Oklahoma Conservation Commission and Dewey County Conservation District for Cedar
     Eradication Technician    

10.  Discussion and possible action on OCC district allocation FY25 OCC for Dewey County
11.  Discussion and possible action on Conservation District Budget Request FY 2026  
12.  Discussion and possible action on Terms of At Will Employment (6A) and notice of   
       Personnel Action (6B) – OCC raise for full time district employees 
13.  Discussion and possible action on district end of year reports: equipment, building, profit 
       & loss, MasterCard, and allocation 

14.  Discussion and possible action to sponsor Dewey County Fair
15.  Discussion and review of the OPERS Training Takeaways   
16.  Discussion and possible action on attending the NACD-South Central meeting September 
        22-24, Osage Casino Hotel  
17.  Discussion and possible action to approve Bratten to attend the NCDEA mid-year 
     August19-23, 2024. 
18.  Discussion and possible action on 2024-2025 (Point of Contact) POC-OKIE811Response 
19.  Discussion and possible action on Updated Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Barnitz  
20.  Discussion and possible action on O&M on Barnitz and Quartermaster sites
21.  Discussion and possible action on NRCS Shared Technician – 3rd quarter report
22. Discussion and possible action on NRCS Operational Agreement
23.  FYI-High Plains Resource Conservation & Development – annual meeting July 17, 24
24.  Discussion and possible action on Oklahoma State Cost Share Program 25 
        a) Extension request: Little Robe Ranch LLC,
        b) Completed projects and claims: Steven L McDonald, Mark Smith, 
            Dana Goss, John Cary Hammons, Rusty Menefee, 
25. Discussion and possible action on Oklahoma State Cost Share Program 26
        a)    Bennett Acres – alternate 
26.  Discussion and possible action to retroaction on Marks signing ED2 claims for Turner,    
           Sanderson, and Mitchell
27.  Discussion and possible action to retroaction on Rauh signing Terry Peach North 
        Canadian River claim for Taloga Fire Department training, and signing checks for ED2: 
        Turner, Sanderson, and Mitchell
28.  Discussion and possible action on Emergency Drought Cost Share (ED2)
        a)    Completed projects and claims: Wesley Turner, Norma Jean Sanderson, 
               Fern Reed Mitchell,  

29.  Discussion and possible action on producer cooperator agreements
           Mark Smith, Michael Clark, Steven L. McDonald, Jason Robertson, Ethan Allen Price,  
           Cory Megli, Rick Mercer, Tyson Hiebert, 
30.  Discussion and possible action on NRCS proposed team boundaries 
31.  Proposed Executive Session (Conservation Plans)
       Possible discussion and vote to enter Executive Session pursuant to 25 O. S. §307 (B)(7) 
       to discuss USDA-NRCS conservation plans for R. Mercer, N. Hutchison, Beer Rev. Tr,  
       Barry Farms LLC, B. Basler, J. Evans, Little Robe Ranch LLC, D. McNabb
       a)    Vote by the District on whether to hold executive session
       b)    Designation of attendance of any additional persons
       c)    Return from Executive session
      d)    Announcement of Compliance Statement
       e)    Board votes on possible action(s) if any relating to the matter discussed in the executive session   
32.  Reports
        a.    District Directors
        b.    District Technician
        c.    District Manager
        d.    Cedar Tree Eradication Technician 
        e.    NRCS
33. Consideration and possible action on New Business (Under the Open Meeting Act, this  
      agenda item is authorized only for matters not known about or which could have not been  
      reasonably foreseen before the time of posting the final agenda) 
34. Public Comment (Each speaker will be limited to 5 minutes)
35. Adjournment

                                                   *Agenda items may not be discussed in the order listed*

                                                           Next regular meeting: August 7, 2024 – 8:30 A.M.

       All items on this agenda, including but not limited to any agenda item concerning the adoption or approval of any resolution, contract, agreement, or any other item of business, are subject to revision or amendment, including additions and/or deletions, without exception. Any revision or amendments will be limited and rationally related to the topic of the agenda item. The Board may defer, strike, continue, table, and/or refer any agenda item to its chief administrative officer, staff, attorney, and/or refer back or appoint a committee for the purpose of gathering more information the Board may need to take action on any agenda item at a subsequent special or regular meeting of the Board. 


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