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Dewey County Conservation District

Board of Directors Regular Meeting

 306 S. Broadway, Taloga, OK 73667

 12:00 P.M.  October 4, 2023

1.    Regular Board Meeting Called to Order 
      This is a regularly scheduled meeting in accordance with the Open Meeting Law, Title 25 O.S.
      Sections 301 and following as amended.

2.  2024 Local Work Group Meeting
     Meal served

a.     Introduction of all attending the Local Work Group
b.     Review Resource Data

c.     Identify Resource Concerns 
d.     Discuss and Prioritize Resource Concerns 
e.     Outline Goals and Actions needed to address resource concerns

•    What needs to be done?
•    What resources are available?
•    What additional resources are needed?
•    Who should have primary responsibility?

f.     Summary of identifying resource concerns and actions in prioritizing actions. 
g.     Any other comments. 

3.  Discussion and Possible Action on the following district operation items. 

a.    Meeting Minutes
      i.    September 6th Regular Meeting Minutes
b.     September Employee Payroll, Time Sheets, and Leave Records 
c.    Financial Information
      i.    Financial Statement for the period ending September 30, 2023 (Exhibit#1)
      ii.    District reimbursement claims 
      iii.    Ratification of ED2 claims
              •    Patty Sweet -53-ED2-130
              •    Joshua Dodson – 53-ED2-075
              •    Roger Brown – 53-ED2-107
      iv.    Bills owed by the district
       v.    Verizon bill: do we pay by credit card or bank draft?
      vi.    NRCS shared quarterly report
     vii.    Review and discussion on new barn

4.   Michael Green, CPA, office call into the board to present the Annual Compilation Financial Statement   
      for the year ending June 30, 2023, for Dewey County Conservation District. 
      a.    Discussion and possible action on Annual Net Worth Statement-OCC-5K
      b.     Discussion and possible action on Filing of Annual Audit-OCC-5J

5.  Discussion and Possible action to donate to Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts TO 

6.  Discussion and Possible action on Board and staff attending the OACD Area I meeting in Woodward,  
     Oklahoma on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at the Woodward Conference Center, 3401 Centennial Lane. 
7.  Discussion and possible action on the view of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between United  
     States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (hereafter referred   
     as NRCS), the Oklahoma Conservation Commission and the Dewey County Conservation District. 

8.  Update on Quartermaster 21a, Barnitz # 7, 8, and NRCS engineer request for riprap estimate has been 
     sent to NRCS state office.

9.  Discuss and possible action on NRCS recommendations for repair on Quartermaster 20, back filling the 
     waterline trench

10. Discuss and possible action on the Potential Federal Shutdown – Districts will remain open for business 
      •    Does your district share space with USDA?
      •    Does your district use any federal equipment or supplies?
      •    Does your district use a federal phone line and/or internet connection?
      •    Are you a shared employee (i.e. code 08)
     If you answered yes to any questions above, the district staff and board will need to further consider the    
      •    Does the district own the building?
      •    When is your district’s next board meeting and does it need to be rescheduled to an alternate location?
      •    Do employees have an alternate work location and contact information that has been shared with and approved by the                    board?
      •    Does the district have an alternate contact phone number that has been approved by the board and will be shared with 

      •    Do you have IT assets that are district-owned (this includes computers, printers, scanners, internet connection, etc.)?
      •    Do you have office supplies that are district owned?
      •    If you are a shared employee, what district-only activities will you undertake during the shutdown and do you have the 

           assets needed to do that work?

11. Discussion and review of monthly correspondence

12. Reports
      a.    District Directors
      b.    District Staff 
      c.    NRCS

13.    New Business
14.    Public Comment
15.    Adjournment
These items may not be taken up in the order given on the agenda. Next regular meeting: November 1, 2023 – 1:30 P.M. 
All items on this agenda, including but not limited to any agenda item concerning the adoption or approval of any resolution, contract, agreement, or any other item of business, are subject to revision or amendment, including additions and/or deletions, without exception. Any revision or amendments will be limited and rationally related to the topic of the agenda item. The Board may defer, strike, continue, table, and/or refer any agenda item to its chief administrative officer, staff, attorney, and/or refer back or appoint a committee for the purpose of gathering more information the Board may need to take action on any agenda item at a subsequent special or regular meetings of the Board.   


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