Dewey County Conservation District

Soil Conservation - Equipment rental

Dewey County Conservation District

Board of Directors Regular Meeting

306 S. Broadway, Taloga, OK 73667

                   1 :30 P.M.           June 5, 2019

            1. 1.Regular Board Meeting Called to Order
            2. 2.Consideration of and Possible Action on the following items
            3. 3.Long Range Public Hearing
            1. Introduce district board members
            2. Announce the purpose of the meeting.
            3. Ask those present if they would like to identify themselves. The district personnel must record the attendance of each person identified.
            4. Distribute copies of the district’s LRP to those present.
            5. Give a concise summary of the LRP proposed by the district.
            6. Call for comments and questions.
            7. Request that all comments and questions introduced during the meeting be forwarded to the district office in written form or handed in at the end of the meeting.
            8. Adjourn LRP meeting and continue with regular board meeting.
          1. 4.Ginger Emmons declared elected board member for position #3- July 1, 2019
          2. 5.Ginger Emmons - Oath of Office and Loyalty Oath
          3. 6.Approve minutes of May 1, 2019 regular meeting
          4. 7.Approve-Employee Payroll, Janitorial Pay, Time Sheets, NRCS Performance Worksheet and Leave Records for the month of May
          5. 8.Joint Plan of Operation (FY 2020 -7/1/2019-9/30/2020
          6. 9.Approve LRP for 2020-2024
          7. 10.Equipment repair of airway tines
          8. 11.FYI: DCCD had an OK Dept of AG inspection on chemical logs and facility
          9. 12.Parking lot cracks need sealed
          10. 13.Update DCCD emergency action plan
          11. 14.Update on fence for Barnitz #5
          12. 15.NACD South Central Region Meeting – July 20-23, Thackerville, OK
          13. 16.Review insurance quote from Eitzen’s  
          14. 17.Remove Jimmy Emmons from GPNB accounts and add Ginger Emmons
          15. 18.Compilation with Kimberlye R. Mayer, CPA, P.C.
          16. 19.FY 2021 Budget Request
          17. 20.Approve-Financial Statement for period ending May 31, 2019, (Exhibit #1), district reimbursement claims, directors and employee claims, and bills owed by the district
          18. 21.Approve letter requesting full time employee to OCC
          19. 22.Oklahoma State Cost Share Yr. 19 Report
          20. 23.District Cooperative Agreements: Glenda Cravens, Kelly Cooper , Ira m & Fincel V Fariss Int Rev. Tr,
          21. 24.Vote in open session on whether to enter executive session as authorized by title 25 section 307 to discuss conservation plans: and if executive session is approved, designation of person to keep minutes in executive session

          Ray Griffin – Oklahoma State cost share conservation plan

          Darin Martin – Amended OK state cost share conservation plan

          1. 25.Return to open session
          2. 26.Discuss and possible action in open session to approve conservation plan
          3. 27.Legislative update
          4. 28.Discussion and review of monthly correspondence

        *Thank you from OACD for financial assistance on Nat’l Land and Range Contest

        *Coleta was asked to assist Cattlemen’s Association in Muskogee on pointers to set up a hay

          drop site.

        *Thank you from Hunter Fox for sponsoring the Intermediate Goat Showmanship.

        *The district was asked to participate in an engaged community forum. Coleta sent in survey.

        *Open meeting request by Smart Procure, information requested was sent.

        * Barnitz # 15A-beavers-trapper has set traps.


          1. 29.Reports A. District Directors—B. District Staff—C. NRCS District Conservationist
          2. 30.New Business
          3. 31.Public Comments
          4. 32.Adjournment

          Next regular meeting: July 3, 2019– 1:30 P.M. at the district office

          These items may not be taken up in the order given on this agenda.



                  Dewey County Conservation District                                 

Board Meetings-1:30 p.m.- District Office

306 South Broadway, Taloga, OK 73667


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