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Equipment Rentals-NEW PRICES EFFECTIVE 6-5-13

       A Clean out fee of $100 will be charged if equipment is not cleaned out.

      Red Rhino 8 Bale Hay Hauler


$100.00 (24 hr day-you pick up from yard and return)


If we have to deliver or pick up $100.00 each way

10' Great Plains no-till - 3 boxes


Plants: native grass, grain, small seed, etc.


$6 acre/ $150 minimum


Out of county-$.50 a mile/$15 an hour for district


Recommended 75 HP tractor and up

                                                      15 ' John Deere no-till 

                              Plants: fertilizer, grain, and small seed


$8 acre/ $200 minimum


Recommended- 93 HP tractor and up

 2- 8' Native drills

$5 an acre

$120.00 minimum

Recommended 30 HP tractor and up

                                                    15' Aerway Aerator


$9 acre / 120 minimum


Recommended 90 HP tractor and up

 2 row bermuda king sprigger

$5 acre/ $120 minimum

Recommended 60 HP tractor and up

 3 point Verminator gopher machine


$100 a day/ $100 minimum


Restricted gopher bait requires an applicator's license


Recommended 40 HP tractor and up.


Will not work with quick attachments. It will have to be removed.

  8yd Scraper

$120 a day/minimum $120

Recommended 120 HP tractor and up

          A Clean out fee of $100 will be charged if equipment is not cleaned out.

Producer Equipment Responsibility

The user of district equipment is responsible for the cost of damage caused by use other than normal wear. Please do not alter, cut, weld, or repair the equipment without first consulting the district. 580-328-5366 or 580-922-0334.

Products for Sale

Grass Seed prices seasonal-Please check at office - All prices and pls% are subject to change with new shipments. Seed License number: 3081-000-Restricted bait:506-000

Soil Survey map set                    $13.00 Mailing fee will be added if mailed

50# Restricted gopher bait         Ask for pricing PESTICIDE LICENSE REQUIRED

Soil Test Collection                     $30.00 per field sample

Burn Equipment

Equipment for loan by district: drip torches, swatters, and back packs.


After 2 days if burn equipment is not returned or office is not notified there will be a $25. charge per day per equipment. This is so it will be available for all producers. 

Sales Tax

Tax will be added to all products above if you do not have an agriculture tax permit number.

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