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Dewey County Flood-control Structures

Dewey County Conservation District operates and maintains 22 flood control structures located in the southwest part of Dewey County. The district inspects the dams and does O & M on the structures. Most of our dams have out lived their 50 year life span. Dewey County has rehabilitated one structure so far. The district is working with Natural Resource Conservation Service to prepare surveys and design plans on several other sites. The district is local sponsor responsible for the safety of the structure. The structures have worked so well most of the general public does not realize how well the structures have done their job. To keep the public safe the district will continue to work with NRCS and local land owners to increase the life span to a 100 years. 

Rehabilitation of Flood control structures

Dewey County Conservation with NRCS and OCC partnerships rehabilitate structures to last another 100 years. The structures have done such a good job this generation doesn't even realize why there here.

1st- rehab was Barnitz site 14

2nd - Barnitz site 1, known as Leedey Lake

3rd - Barnitz site 11- finishing up some erosion problems

4th - Barnitz #5 - finished

These are all high hazard site which means loss of life could happen in a major storm event.

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